“By the end of the film, which I saw with my friend, war correspondent Don North […], I was in tears, and Don, speechless. That’s when I knew they had it right.” – Natalia Megas, Script Magazine
The Journey is the Destination is inspired by the true story of Dan Eldon, a charismatic young activist, artist, photographer and adventurer.  

Visually stunning and wildly inspiring, The Journey is the Destination follows a young man’s tumultuous coming of age, his exploration of love and his struggle to create positive change in an increasingly violent and dangerous world. Dan was a unique person who woke up everyday with the drive to make the world a little better before he went to sleep.
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Watch this video made for the 2013 Fourth Estate Summit by Jason Russell and the Invisible Children team. Dan’s life has inspired many to go and do great things and we hope the feature film will inspire so many more.
Dan Eldon was born in London, England in 1970. At the age of seven, a family move to Nairobi, Kenya ignited a lifelong fascination with the land and the people of Africa.  Accompanying his journalist mother on her Interviews, he observed the power of media to inform and inspire. His father & work with local community leaders taught him how to connect and collaborate to create positive change.

Journey begins as Dan, still a teenager, combines his passion for art, adventure and activism into a personal philosophy he calls, "Safari as a Way of Life ". After graduating from high school, he and a group of friends launch a rollicking safari, “Student Transport Aid,” across Africa in a dilapidated Land Rover named Deziree. Miraculously, the team succeeds in its mission to deliver funds to a refugee camp in Malawi. Although the trip Started as a light-hearted venture, the safari changes the lives of everyone involved.

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“Hopefully, this movie will be a catalyst for young people to realize that each and every one of them can make a difference.”

Elinor Tatum

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“It just…it lit a fire in me. And I think it will light a fire in a lot of people.”

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"As a millennial myself, my biggest take away was the empowerment to make your own way in the world.”

Mia Pokriefka CEO | ELM

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“You’ve given Dan, his spirit and his art a kind of immortality.”


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I watched with my heart in my mouth every second. I could hardly bear to watch it. But couldn’t bear not to watch it. So powerful…I was moved to the core.”

Mary Anne Fitzgerald

Check out select pieces of Dan’s art

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